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The Empress Tarot Card Meaning (Fertility & Waste)

The Empress Tarot card relates to nurturing, abundance, and manifestation. When the Empress appears, growth abounds. The Empress portends success and expansion; you can count on comfort and stability. The Empress tarot card symbolizes motherhood, nurturing, and growth. The Empress portends luxuries, abundance, and wealth. New resources that help you reach your goals are plentiful […]
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Seven of Wands Tarot Card Meaning (Hierarchy & Acceptance)

The Seven of Wands tarot meaning indicates territorial attitudes. You are put on the defensive by others and feel targeted. The Seven of Wands motivates you to stand up for yourself. You find the courage and strength to protect yourself. The Seven of Wands in tarot portends strife and conflict. You can hold your ground […]
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Ten of Swords Tarot Card Meaning (Acceptance & Instability)

The Ten of Swords is an omen of your struggles ending. Accept a conclusion that is not ideal. You are free to move on and start a new project or chapter of your life. A stressful period comes to an end. The Ten of Swords indicates surrender and relief. You find an imperfect resolution, and […]
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Two of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning (Juggling Finances & Imbalance)

The Two of Pentacles tarot card’s meaning deals with balance, breaking even, and prudence. You have enough resources but must use caution. Meet your needs while avoiding excess. The Two of pentacles suggest finances and health are stable with effort. The Two of Pentacles suggests a struggle to advance financially. You’ll have the money you […]
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Three of Swords Tarot Card Meaning (Betrayal & Insecurities)

The Three of Swords meaning is clear from this card’s ominous imagery. Heartbreak, disappointment, and sadness await. Take a lesson from the Three of Swords. Avoid denial and pay attention to red flags before a conflict escalates. The Three of Swords appears in a reading when you must face harsh facts. A wake-up call warns […]
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Five of Pentacles Tarot Card Meaning (Suffering & Protection)

The Five of Pentacles tarot card meaning relates to havoc and disruption in your career, health, and finances. Your housing, work, or stability are in jeopardy. Work on connecting with others who can help you thrive and become self-sufficient. The Five of Pentacles brings news of financial difficulties. You may carry a burden of a […]
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Simple Three-Card Tarot Spread

One of the most popular tarot spreads is the simple three-card spread. Most three-card tarot spread ideas follow a pattern. After shuffling your deck, place three cards in a line. The left, center, and right cards have unique meanings. The three-card tarot spread is ideal for quick decisions. You can also use this simple spread […]
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Twelve-Month Tarot Spread

The twelve-month tarot spread gives you a long-range forecast of events for the coming year. This spread is ideal for New Year. Yet you can start a twelve-month spread with tarot any time in the year and make predictions for the months ahead. The twelve-month tarot spread helps you anticipate themes and opportunities coming your […]
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Six-Month Tarot Spread

Take your tarot reading skills to the next level with a six-month tarot spread. The six-month spread is eclectic and informative. As one of the easy tarot spreads, you gain a long-range forecast. You can prepare for your future with this layout. The six months ahead tarot spread gives a small and large-scale overview. A […]
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What Are The Best Tarot Readings?

The best tarot readings have some common elements. Tarot readings vary in style and purpose. The best tarot readings online or in person share common factors. You can learn to recognize aspects of a quality tarot reading. Judging the best tarot readings can be complicated. Evaluating a tarot reading is a subjective process. Some people […]
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Starter Guide To Giving a Tarot Reading

Giving a tarot reading is fun and easy. The process of reading tarot is eclectic. Follow some basic ethical rules and read tarot for yourself or others. The more you practice, the more confident you’ll become. Before offering tarot readings to the public, learn how to read tarot cards as a beginner. The best approach […]
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Getting a Tarot Reading (Planning & Expectations)

Even if you know how to do a tarot reading on yourself, getting a tarot reading from someone else is exciting and enlightening. Seek a tarot reading when you have pressing questions or want guidance. Use a tarot reading to reach your potential. When you are at a crossroads or feeling stuck, getting a tarot […]
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